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New surface heating technology

Sefar will introduce PowerHeat NT, a revolutionary new surface heating solution, at Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart. This heating system is specially designed for the automotive industry, offering high energy efficiency and taking a very short time to heat up.

Exceptionally fine heating fabric structures allow thin, 3D forming without marking on the surface.
PowerHeat NT has an open-mesh design that makes it possible to construct an extremely air-permeable and translucent heating system. This heating system is 3D malleable with easy processing.

Processes have been shortened with direct injection, or even foaming-in of the heating material. 3D shapes can be executed without difficulty thanks to the structure of the fabric.

Safety is of the utmost importance: the matrix layout ensures that no hot spots develop when there is a defect, and that the breakdown of the heating element is limited to the defective spot.

Booth: A4220

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