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Cristina Oliveira

Master's Degree in Materials Engineering. Manager of the Mobility area at CITEVE. Since 2010 is working in intelligent and technical textiles mainly in applied research and development activities as Project Manager in several National and European R&D projects. Member of CITEVE’s training staff within the field of Materials, Textile-reinforced composites, and Methodologies for new product development. Member of the inventor’s team of more than 5 Patent requests (National and European).


Textile automotive innovations open new scenarios and opportunities

The automotive industry is experiencing a revolutionary transformation. Global interference, sustainability concerns, technological advances, and new consumer habits are transforming this industry on many levels, opening new opportunities. CITEVE, as a Technological Center, identified and responded to these challenges by promoting innovations with focus on sustainability, comfort, smart applications, 3D printing, new interior concepts, lightweight and high-performance material developments.