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Takeshi Kihara

Development engineer at Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd @2002. 2003-2007, Metallic components of the Fuel cell development. 2008-2011 Development of fully printable OPV: Organic photovoltaics. 2011-2012 Development of the plastic optics for CPV: Concentrated photovoltaics. 2013-2014 Business strategy @ HQs business development department. 2014-2022 European Representative of marketing and business scouting office in Paris. 2022- Sales and Marketing manager position at Mobility operations


How to harmonize the display in a stylish way to the automotive interior space

DFP; Design Function Panel is the surface decorated translucent panel. DFP can decorate the display surface with any graphical pattern. When the display is off, the display surface is recognized as the conventional interior decor surface. Once, the display is turned on, the display image can be introduce to the decor patterned surface. The advantage of DFP's special surface treatment, the display image quality on the decor surface is almost same with the display image on the display.