Sputtering technologies for color coatings
Arzuffi Srl

Arzuffi will proudly present the Fast-Met Roll sputtering system, which represents the evolution of the bestselling Fast-Met equipment.

The new system features one rotatable cathode in the middle of the chamber that can swing according to the magnet positions, two fixtures to load the pieces and a revolving double-faced door. The main advantage is the competitive price thanks to the number of cathodes installed, leading to a big reduction in investment costs.

By using sputtering and/or reactive sputtering technologies, the Arzuffi machine allows color coatings that are increasingly requested by automotive OEMs and car design departments. Gold, copper, steel, chrome and aluminum are the most used, but alloys and combinations with additional gases are gaining ground.

Another important advantage of Fast-Met Roll is the ability to accurately control the thickness of the deposition, making the technology suitable for series production.

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