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DAY 1: Carbody’s latest developments in product design for EVs

Introducing its latest-generation steering column seal designed specifically for EVs, is Carbody, a company with expertise in low friction and in the development of acoustic rubber mixing and product design.

When asked about the reason for attending the show, M. Eric Moreau, sales director at Carbody, stated: "We've been participating for several years, and this reflects a growing interest for Carbody, both from the point of view of suppliers and existing/ potential customers. In this way, we are developing our brand identity on the German market, which is one of our target markets."

The decision to exhibit at Automotive Interiors Expo Europe is clearly strategic for Carbody. Moreau explained, "It's a well-known show for vehicle technology, so we thought it would be a suitable occasion to present our new products with visitors looking for new inspiration for the products of tomorrow."

All the company’s product lines will be on display at the show, featuring the latest developments in plastics, rubber, foams and acoustic functions. Of particular focus is the steering column seal for EVs, described by Moreau as one of their flagship products.

“We're developing it with electrification in mind, which is a topical issue. Let us not forget that the key objective of this exhibition is to promote new trends and define developments for the coming year.”
The main challenge associated with the steering column is that the product revolves around its acoustic performance in size-restricted environments.

Despite these challenges, Moreau shares: “This highly technical product is subjected to conflicting requirements. It must be waterproof on the column, but without friction, combined with good acoustic performance despite compact dimensions. Often made up of plastic, rubber and foam with sealing and acoustic properties, it's a good resume of Carbody's know-how.

Carbody extends an invitation to visitors, encouraging them to explore its booth 3252. Moreau highlights, "With us, you can be inspired by a wide range of pieces. Moreover, if you Have A Problem, Be Open To A Solution - Challenge us!"

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