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Innovative LED-PCB connection solutions
Sumida Flexible Connections

Sumida offers a wide range of high-quality connection technologies, including THT (through-hole technology), SMT (surface-mount technology), laser soldering, laser welding and stirrup soldering. This means customers can choose the perfect process for their requirements. Sumida’s solutions for lighting applications in vehicles, such as ambient lighting in the door and the windshield root, are particularly impressive.

The main problem with such applications is often the linear expansion of the PCBs during temperature changes. This is where Sumida’s connectors come into play – they can compensate for this expansion and thus ensure reliable connections.

Another major advantage of the company’s connectors is their flexibility. With the jumpers, LED-equipped PCBs can easily match the contour of the door or instrument panel. This gives freedom to design creative lighting solutions that integrate seamlessly into the vehicle design.

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