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High-tech narrow textiles made for the future
Güth & Wolf

The automotive industry has introduced a new era of innovation, and narrow fabrics are playing a key role. Güth & Wolf’s all-round narrow webbings have proved to be real game-changers, offering a vast range of opportunities to revolutionize vehicle manufacturing, performance and sustainability.

Car designers can realize their concepts thanks to the flexibility of narrow fabrics. They can be made in nearly any shape, size and design to meet the aesthetic demands of automotive manufacturers. Vehicles thus get a distinctive look, an unmistakable feature of the brand that customers will identify.

The use of narrow fabrics in the automotive industry is a huge step forward as it changes the perspective of what vehicles are like and how they are produced. From lightweight construction and flexibility to improved safety standards and eco-friendliness, narrow fabrics are a cornerstone of modern automotive innovation.

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