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Day One: McLaren Automotive reveals how thoughtful interior design creates the ultimate driver experience
McLaren Automotive

In a highly anticipated presentation on the Technology Presentation Stage on Day 1 of Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart, McLaren Automotive’s senior color and materials designer, Liza Christensen, shared the company’s unique vision for Elva, its lightest road car to date.

In an interview at the show, Liza explained that her presentation, Ultimate driver experience – interior design, gave an insight into how Elva, launched in 2019 as part of the Ultimate Series, drove a new concept of ‘blurred boundaries’ – seamlessly blending the exterior and interior. “It fused the exterior with the interior, and along the journey pushed many design innovations,” she said. “Value was added through color and materials design, heightening the senses and delivering the ultimate driver experience.

“Elva represents the special requirements of an interior that is open to the elements, delivering light weight and the functionalities of a track vehicle,” she continued. “It emphasizes the role of color and materials design to achieve the ultimate driver experience.”

Speaking about how important the vehicle interior is to create the ultimate driver experience, Christensen stated, “As well as all the functionality we build in, we think about the tactility, textures and design details that make Elva a luxury product. But this shouldn’t distract from the ultimate goal of the driver’s connection with the elements and the road, heightening the sense of speed.”

She continued, “McLaren is famous for its customer journey, taking people through the process of creating the unique vehicle of their dreams. We offer premium enhanced leathers, lightweight performance materials, beautiful jewelry pieces machined from solid aluminum.” For Christensen, “A seamless combination of aesthetics and functionality paired with futuristic luxury is the most important interior design feature.”

Commenting on her participation at this year’s show, she said “McLaren is special, holding a unique position in the automotive world. It’s a privilege to work on pioneering vehicles. We’re proud and we want to share this experience at Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart, and showcase the importance of color and materials design within the development of the car and the emotional connection it brings our customers.”

“We are always looking to find innovate collaborators who can help us push the boundaries to create beautiful products that will stay in our customers’ lives. This show is about us finding people who can help make true connections with our customers.”

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