Laser perforation and printed backing
L.A.S. Laser Art Style

L.A.S. will present cutting-edge products and processing techniques that have never been seen before.

Laser versatility can process even complex parts efficiently, accurately and cleanly. The laser perforation techniques developed by L.A.S. enable the creation of different hole shapes in a wide variety of materials with high-quality results, working to tight deadlines.

Many OEMs have chosen the company’s solutions for various interior applications, including seat upholstery, doors and dashboards.

A contrasting-color printed backing is applied behind the perforated leather. This is a complex technique that involves multiple steps to guarantee a perfect result, from the design phase through to the final lamination. The main feature of this technique is that the laser perforation (layer1) copies the design printing (layer2).

L.A.S. has developed software to convert any type of image or photo into a perforation file; for example, different hole shapes and dimensions on perforated leather to recreate the same shades and designs of the printed backing.

The result is truly amazing. Come and see for yourself at the upcoming expo in Stuttgart.

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