Innovative leather manufacturing
Egas Consulting

3D Leather (Pelle3D) is an innovative leather manufacturing process that makes it possible to impress a permanent 3D geometry, preserving all the visual and tactile qualities of the material. This technology reduces manual processing times by over 35%, improving the quality of semi-crafted products and increasing the accuracy of assembly, adhesion to rigid/soft substrates, sensorial quality and consistent stability of performance over time.

The repeatability of the results through the reduction of uncontrollable variables (elasticity of the leather, experience of the operator, complexity of the geometries) makes this process particularly suitable for industrial systems such as the automotive, furniture, fashion and accessories industries, which combine quality and large production volumes.

The technology is compatible with all types of leather, surface treatments, thicknesses and dyes. Application requires low industrial investment and is easily integrated within established semi-handcrafted leather processing technologies. The Pelle3D technology improves design innovations, allowing undercuts. Most importantly, it reduces the number of components required to make a leather product.

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