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DAY 1: Revolutionizing automotive interior manufacturing with Xjera Labs AI system
Xjera Labs

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the keys to success lie in efficiency and quality control. Xjera Labs’s product XAutomate, aims to eliminate the need for manual inspections, saving invaluable time and resources while ensuring superior quality control with its ability to detect even the most subtle imperfections.

XAutomate is an AI System is designed to streamline the inspection process by automatically detecting and sorting cut parts based on their shape, defects grading requirements, and dimension specifications from a library of CAD files. Henry Ng, business development manager of Xjera Labs,notes, "This accelerates efficiency by tenfold and reshapes the landscape of automotive interior manufacturing.

“With XAutomate, we hope to help automotive interior manufacturers improve their production efficiency and consistency through faster and stringent inspection of the cut piece before the assembly process."

The innovative system is designed to guarantee consistently high-quality products by uncovering imperfections that might escape the human eye. Ng highlights, "XAutomate has an average accuracy rate of more than 97.5% and can detect variations in size down to +/- 1 mm."

Xjera Labs has forged partnerships with more than 20 leather manufacturing companies, underscoring the system's reliability and effectiveness. Ng added, "Automotive Interior Expo is a gathering of the top brands and manufacturers of the automotive interior industry. We hope to foster a lasting relationship with these companies and bring high-quality products with the use of AI and Automation."

Ng invites industry professionals to visit Xjera Labs at booth 3562: “Visit our booth to catch a glimpse of the entire inspection process and understand how AI and Automation can improve your production line."

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