Day Two: Taiyo showcases advances in electroplating for future interiors
Taiyo Soft Singapore Pte Ltd

Taiyo Soft Singapore is displaying its innovative decorative plating on plastics for interior parts in Stuttgart.

According to Azeem Hamaradeen, general manager at Taiyo, “Decorative chrome plating continues to be the coating of choice as there is no substitution for the real metal finishing applications. Demand for chrome’s bright and lustrous finish continues to grow despite competition from other similar finishes. Chromium has withstood the competitive challenges due to its unmatched aesthetics as well as its superior technical capabilities."

Azeem continued, “Taiyo has been an expert in electroplating for years – from initial tool design to production and additional support, the company works together with its business partners to create beautiful and unique parts mostly found in switches, modules, integrated center panels and decorative trims.

“As the industry continues to enhance the passenger experience with new technologies, it is only fitting that the aesthetics also continue to evolve. Designers are constantly looking for new inspirations and techniques to manifest their ideas into reality, and Taiyo’s newest textured surface and colorized chromes are our latest answers to the future of automotive interiors.”

Commenting on Taiyo’s innovative approach to electroplating, engineering professional Paul Uglum said, “Taiyo’s textured chrome required advances in laser Q-switched frequencies, which allowed unique and reproducible textures to be applied to plastic molds, and also the development of a process to allow even plating on an uneven surface. The result is a very sophisticated chromed appearance.”

In accordance with the EU REACH directive, Taiyo has developed its Chrome 6 free plating line to cater to the environmental regulations and to move toward sustainable development goals.

“At Automotive Interiors Expo, we are enjoying showing samples of our latest technology and talking about the evolving experience of the cars of tomorrow,” enthused Azeem.

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