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Black PVD color on ABS plastic material
Ionbond IHI Group

In response to market demand, Ionbond has introduced its latest black PVD color for ABS plastics. It is also specified as Black, Deep, Piano and Super Black.

With PVD coating technology, it is very challenging to produce a black PVD coating on an industrial scale that absorbs most of the visible light spectrum and has the normal PVD hardness, wear resistance and chemical stability of most PVD coatings. For plastics, this is even more challenging due to the low temperature. Ionbond’s black decorative PVD coating can be applied to 2D and 3D parts and has been very well received in several applications, particularly in the high-end automotive market.

To meet the needs of the plumbing, building hardware, automotive and other industries in the decorative market, Ionbond has a comprehensive portfolio of decorative PVD coatings. The company works in partnership with its customers to understand their application needs and provide a customized coating solution. The introduction of this decorative black PVD coating on ABS is another step in Ionbond’s commitment to partnership.

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