Digital sewing system
Juki Central Europe Sp z.o.o.

Juki Europe will showcase its PLC 2760V-7 700mm sewing machine, which has the notable advantage of sewing a complete cover in one process, due to the large underarm space. Movement of the cover can be easily manipulated by the sewing operator. The bobbin size is 32mm.

Available models are the PLC 2710VS70BBZ and PLC 2760VS70BBZ, supplied in long arm versions of 700mm. Also available are optional smart devices: open and close sensor for eye guard/hook slide plate and hand wheel cover, skip stitch detector and remaining bobbin thread detector.

The sewing machine and its performance are managed using IoT; management, browsing and editing of data can be carried out using the application software.

For user convenience, functions such as automatic switchover of pre-registered patterns in a cycle operation (cycle pattern, polygonal shape stitching) or custom pitch composing for continuous sets of different pitch length are available.

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