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‘Reverse mode’ functional film sheets

Elematec will present ‘reverse mode’ functional film sheets by Kyushu Nanotec Optics, as well as innovative Fresnel screens and glass processed products.

The ‘reverse mode’ functional film sheet is the first of its kind worldwide. In ‘power off’ mode, the sheet is perfectly transparent; with ‘power on’, the dimming function is initiated. Unlike other similar products, it is designed not only for construction/building uses but also for various automotive applications, such as sunroofs and side windows, due to its excellent thermal resistance properties.

Another feature from Kyushu Nanotec Optics is a black film that offers instant privacy along with a thermal barrier function. It has a unique dye-doped LC layer with which the dyes are connected to the LC molecules. The dyes move along with the LC molecules, which can offer higher contrast.

The company’s Fresnel screen shows images with deep contrast and brilliant colors, unaffected by light conditions such as interior lighting on/off or sunlight.

Elematec supplies its innovative technologies and products to automotive clients all over the world, thanks to its partnership with approximately 7,100 suppliers and more than 70 domestic and overseas bases.

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