Scratch-resistant surfaces and printable metal
Alanod GmbH & Co KG

At Automotive Interiors Expo, Alanod will display its moldable, scratch-resistant surfaces for premium interiors as well as its printable metal for incomparable automotive design.

In automotive design, real metal surfaces add accents of coolness and high quality. With Deco Prime, proven premium aluminum surfaces can be incorporated into interiors while achieving a whole new level of scratch resistance with Alanod technology. The premium Deco Prime aluminum strip can be finished with a patent-pending, in-line hardened lacquer surface. It is extremely scratch resistant and yet can be molded without issue. It is possible to create tactile effects such as cool-touch, soft-touch and anti-fingerprint, as well as a wide range of glazing or opaque colors. As a result of its primer layer or thermoplastic film, the material is ready to use.

Whether branding or patterning, a sophisticated print on real aluminum creates a sense of prestige. Prints on metal are also virtually unbeatable in terms of durability. Deco Prime opens up a complete range of new possibilities. It is based on genuine aluminum, which has been given a special surface coating. The ready-to-use surface can be printed without further conditioning, using a variety of processes before being formed. Due to its special surface properties, forming in no way damages the print and the surface also remains crack free and scratch resistant.

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