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DAY 2: 4. Mebant displays innovative insulator solutions

Mebant is a leading foam converter catering primarily to the automotive, white goods and construction industries. The company's extensive product range encompasses sound, dust and vibration insulators, heat barriers, water sealants and impact absorbers. It employs various key processes, including die-cutting, PU injection molding, EPP molding, thermopress, thermocompression, thermoforming, ultrasonic and heat welding, along with assembly.

Betil Nayman, sales manager at Mebant, said, “We think the show is a great opportunity to meet with our existing clients and potential clients, and also a good way to reconnect with our business partners. As recurring attendees and exhibitors at the fair, it's always nice to see and connect with several players in the sector. It's always good to see what they are doing, what they have done over the past year and what they will be doing over the next year.”

Headquartered in Turkey, Mebant operates with a plant in the same location. In addition, it has two plants and a logistics center in Romania, reinforcing its global presence.
“This enables us to export our custom parts to various countries, serving different segments of the automotive and vital sectors. Our competitive edge lies in our ability to cater to diverse needs and maintain strong exports," elaborated Nayman.

The company also maintains a sales office in the Netherlands. Mebant has emerged as a reliable partner, providing insulation solutions for major OEMs, Tier 1s and Tier 2s worldwide.
"We manufacture products for both interior and exterior automotive applications. While we are already established and recognized in our sector, we see a significant market demand for our products. Exploring new opportunities, reaching out to potential clients and introducing our parts to them is always beneficial in identifying areas for installation and tracking the market needs,” Nayman added.

In terms of product development, Mebant works closely with its clients on a project basis. Each month, the company receives project details, including drawings and technical specifications from customers.
“Our project team, along with technical experts, assesses the requirements and selects the appropriate raw materials,” Nayman explains. “Through a meticulous process of elimination based on sizes and dimensions, we create the end product. After several tests, the final product is shared with the customer for approval.”

Visit Booth 3654 to learn more about Mebant’s innovations.

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