Day Two: Grewus presentation | Integration of active haptic feedback in HMI

This afternoon at 2pm, Grewus managing director Elisa Santella will give a presentation titled Integration of active haptic feedback in automotive HMI systems. Santella revealed more about the topic in an interview ahead of her presentation.

“It's a pleasure to talk about this subject," she said. "Active haptics in automotive is a visible trend. The first reason is safety: anything you can do to help people not take their eyes off the road is essential! Reconciling safety with connectivity is a key challenge driving the development of next-generation vehicle HMIs. The second is improving the HMI experience for the driver and more possibilities to configure the car according to the requirements (of each driver type). But, of course, there is design freedom in the surfaces, just as in the design of the ‘haptics’.

"We know how challenging it is to integrate haptics – the whole mechanics, sensing of the surface, driving of the actuators, acoustic and, of course, the haptic actuator itself," she continued. "Referencing the Haptic Interaction Cycle, we will explain these key components of a haptic system."

Asked whether ergonomics, aesthetics or function is the most important feature of automotive interiors, Santella replied, “A combination, of course! Interfaces need to be intuitive, and they have to be multimodal.”

Excited to participate in the event, Santella enthused, “Automotive Interiors Expo visitors and exhibitors are experts: engineers, designers, etc! We look forward to the exchanges and the inspiration. We are a component manufacturer, and something great can be created only in cooperation with all disciplines in interiors. Together let's define the ‘interior of the future’!”

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