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Elevating automotive interior bonding

With the Folco React HP series, Follmann has innovated the classical Folco React polyurethane hotmelt system by introducing proprietary technology and raw materials (patent pending) based on silane-modified acrylates (DualCure) or optionally modified with UV-curable acrylates (MultiCure).

Designed for dashboards, trunk panels, ceilings, door claddings, mats and seats, Folco React HP reactive polyurethane hotmelt revolutionizes automotive interior assembly. The introduction of combined technologies opens new dimensions in terms of adhesion to difficult-to-bond substrates, processability, curing/cross-linking, and final properties like bonding strength, long-term heat stability, chemical resistance and environmental impacts.

Folco React HP reactive polyurethane hotmelt ensures that interior components are securely and reliably integrated, leading to long-lasting performance and a comfortable, well-crafted driving experience.

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