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High-tech textiles for modern mobility

As vehicles change, so do their interiors. Current drive technologies work quietly, which requires quiet concepts like Jumbo-Textil’s textile storage, positioning and holding systems, where nothing creaks and nothing rattles.

Modern mobility is emission-free and low-energy. This requires lightweight interior solutions: Jumbo-Textil’s narrow textiles are up to 40% lighter than non-textile alternatives. In the interior concepts of the future, sustainable components will be mandatory. This requires materials like Jumbo-Textil’s high-performance natural fibers and plastics recycled from PET bottles.

The company’s elastic and non-elastic tapes, braids, cords and nets integrate perfectly into modern interior aesthetics. At the same time, they meet demanding, individually definable requirements in terms of resilience, load-bearing capacity, precision, durability, flammability, etc. Jumbo-Textil supports customers in every phase of implementation, from development to manufacture.

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