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Environmentally friendly 100% Cr6-free plating
Taiyo Manufacturing

In recent years, new technologies friendly to human health and the environment have attracted attention in various fields. Conventional plating on plastic uses hexavalent chrome but the industry is undergoing major changes due to the impact of environmental regulations.

In line with the REACH regulation, Taiyo Manufacturing has been working with stakeholders to develop Chrome6-free production over the last few years.

The company has successfully developed a 100% hexavalent-free process right from pre-etching through to the final electroplated product.

This latest advancement in Taiyo Manufacturing’s Chrome6-free process has been recognized by European OEMs and mass production has begun in its fully operational production lines. This corresponds to 1K, 2K and 3K molding on ABS resin.

Compatibility with PC/ABS resin is currently under development, and mass production will begin in spring 2024.

Taiyo Manufacturing’s latest 100% Cr6-free technology combined with color variations and detailed designs will contribute to cutting-edge automotive designs for the future.

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