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Innovative solutions for production of automotive upholstery
Studio Auriga

Studio Auriga and Tajima offer innovative, efficient solutions for car seats and interiors.

A leader in industrial embroidery for luxury and ‘made in Italy’ goods, Studio Auriga has offered solutions for the production of automotive upholstery for 10 years.

PAX, HAR and PAR machines have revolutionized the old quilted panel production techniques. This technology makes it possible to perform perforation, embroidery and quilting operations with a single machine. It is also possible to change, if necessary, the pattern to be reproduced each time.

Leather, fake leather and suede microfibers can be drilled and quilted with different diameters, holes and thick threads.

Tajima multi-head machines, distributed by Studio Auriga, allow automotive players to carry out higher rates of production.

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