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Erdem Dogan

SCAYS GROUP International Group Director - till today WASTEA and NGM Founder - till today ScaysLab. Director & Innovator - till today Stitch & Trim Executive - till today PhD Regents University Till today MA in International Political Economy King's College till 2013 BA in Marketing & Management (dual Hon) King's College till 2012


WASTEA - plant & bio-based, vegan leather alternatives; new-generation materials

The presenter will share his knowledge of recycling waste materials into new products such as Wastea, a new-generation material made out of industrial waste with no future life. This material can be used vertically in almost all fields, replacing old-fashioned and environmentally harmful materials such as real leather, PU and PVC. Besides the example of Wastea, the speaker will discuss other waste materials and solutions made from them. Afterlife recycling solutions will also be shared.