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Elisa Santella

Elisa Santella (GREWUS GmbH founding member) is Managing Director and responsible for Haptic Key Accounts. Together with her team, Elisa supports customers in integrating active haptics. She has been working in the international automotive industry for over 20 years. Furthermore, she is an Automotive Working Group chair and Board Member for the Haptics Industry Forum, one of the founding members of the Haptics Alliance, and host & founder of the interACTIVE HAPTICS conference.


Gamification in automotive

Haptics & gamification is not just an effective way to engage customers & create loyalty. The idea behind it all is using games to strengthen and differentiate the brand. The trends are multimodal HMI & autonomous driving. The "cockpit of the future" will become a new living room, workspace & virtual social environment. Passengers will expect entertainment & gaming in the car. The quality of XR experience will provide a new dimension of brand experience & differentiation between OEMs.