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Steve Paschky

Diploma: Business Administration at Chemnitz University of Technology Apprenticeship: Business Management at BASF AG Ludwigshafen Work experiences (in Germany and abroad) in SME and multinational operating companies (Daimler & BASF, GACC Atlanta) Co-founder / Managing Director of Biotech Startup ecosanitec Managing Partner at phneutral (Business Consultancy)


3D-printed electronics seamless intelligence at hand

In automotive industry, where enhanced safety, improved interactivity, and visually satisfying interfaces are paramount, the potential of 3D-PE is truly promising. Mechanical, electronic, and optical functions are integrated all at once, simplifying design complexities and placing intelligence directly at the drivers’ and passengers’ fingertips. IME at the forefront, PE possesses the potential to create compelling driving experiences through integration of printed sensors, displays, and light.