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Steve Crijns

Steve joined McLaren in 2014 and was responsible for the interior design of the 720S. He was the lead designer on the McLaren Speedtail. Before joining McLaren he was at Lotus Cars for 20 years, where he was responsible for the minimalist interiors on the Lotus Elise and Opel Speedster. He mixed interior with exterior design and was also responsible for the exterior designs of the Evora, Elise mk2, Exige mk2 and Exige mk3 V6. Steve had a background in product design and ergonomics before gaining a master's degree in Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art in London.


McLaren interior design philosophy

McLaren supercars are known for their engaging driving experience. So what makes a car engaging to drive? And how can design help with this? How do we make the driver feel one with the machine? This talk also expands on the unique challenges that come with designing a McLaren interior such as the specific ergonomics requirements regarding driving at high speed on a track. The talk will then conclude with an insight into the future challenges for supercars with regards to electrification and legislation, but also the future opportunities that autonomous driving and augmented reality can offer to make McLarens even more engaging.