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High-pressure forming

Niebling GmbH, a German manufacturer of forming equipment and tools, will be presenting 3D formed automotive interior parts produced by Tier 1-3 customers with precise high-pressure thermoforming technology. This technology is well known in the automotive industry for the FIM (film insert molding)/IML (in-mold labeling) process, which has high accuracy and repeatability with less distortion than from traditional vacuum- or thermoforming.

Examples of what can be solved by Niebling’s high-pressure forming technology include functional integration in decorative parts, known as IME (in-mold electronics), and high-gloss surfaces with excellent scratch resistance and perfect positioning of symbols and graphics. Modern-looking automotive interior features such as radio bezels, display covers, buttons and 3D shaped touch surfaces with sliders and switches integrated in the film can be produced. Due to a high level of automation and short cycle times with, for example, automated film handling and automated removal of protective layers before the process, this technology is also suitable for large-volume mass production.

Booth: A4503

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