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Day Two: TG0 showcases touch-sensing tech for HMIs

TG0 is in Stuttgart to demonstrate its patented touch-sensing technology and its benefits for automotive HMIs.

The company’s marketing director, Shanna Clement Wood, explained how the company has advanced HMI technology and improved user experience. “Clients are no longer constrained by traditional sensing methods," she said, "Automotive designers can reimagine the in-car experience with controls based on the best and safest control methods.

“Our technology is integrated onto the B-side of existing surfaces using injection molding," she continued. "This allows clients to use existing off-the-shelf materials to create new HMIs. This method offers key benefits, including freedom of design, streamlined manufacturing, improved sustainability, increased margins and lower BOM, and brand differentiation.

“TG0 technology can be implemented anywhere the passenger interacts with the automobile – from center consoles and door handles to armrests and seating. TG0 tech can transform the car interior into a next-generation driving experience."

On the subject of the expo, she said, “As one of the key auto interior events of the year, AIX is the ideal opportunity to debut the TG0 Demoset to drive excitement and opportunity for a new area of automotive interiors using TG0 technology. The company has developed a portable interaction library to showcase key interactions to inspire designers and engineers.”

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