Day One: Egas Consulting shows innovative 3D leather thermoforming process
Egas Consulting

Egas Consulting is in Stuttgart to display its patented Pelle3D (3D Leather) process with several samples of leather interior parts that can be prepared using the leather thermoforming process, including door panels, front header and headrest, demonstrating the potential of this new technology.

According to Corrado Congolani, an Egas management consultant, Pelle3D is an innovative leather manufacturing process that makes it possible to impress a permanent 3D geometry, preserving all the visual and tactile qualities of the material, through a patented formula that can stabilize chemical bonds in all three dimensions. “The key features and benefits are in the repeatability of the results and performances with a strong reduction of costs in terms of time-process and materials consumption on the standard leather wrapping processes for interiors parts,” explained Congolani.

He continued, “The good news is that it is not a substitution of the current technologies but a booster of their productivity and quality standards with very high efficiency, value for money and ease of use. The process can be integrated within a production line by installing a vacuum thermoforming machine to perform simple processing cycles: the pre-forming of leather hides using a mold and the subsequent application to the rigid surfaces. This process can be used to create pre-shaped leather parts to wrap the rigid parts of the interiors using different procedures: manual wrapping, membrane press, and co-molding.”

Speaking about the expo in Stuttgart, Corrado said, “This exhibition is the most important event in Europe regarding automotive interiors. I can meet all the key people and decision makers from OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in this business in one place.”

Congolani is the founder of the company and the inventor of the process. He will be at Booth 3438 throughout the show and is looking forward to meeting visitors.

Booth: 3438

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