IC LED ‘Reverse mode’ functional film sheet and light transmission decorative sheet

At this year’s expo, Elematec will present the Lextar Electronics IC LED, Kyushu Nanotec Optics ‘reverse mode’ functional film sheet, and light transmission decorative sheet.

IC LED is a mini RGB LED that enables fluent change of colors due to the individual RGB and driver in each LED. Its extremely small size allows it to be placed behind the display and enable high-quality local dimming – high-contrast visuals without color spotting.

Kyushu Nanotec developed the first ‘reverse mode’ functional film sheet. In ‘power off’ mode the sheet is perfectly transparent; with ‘power on’, the dimming function is initiated. Unlike similar products, it

is designed not only for construction/building but also for automotive applications, for example, for sunroofs or side windows.

The light transmission decorative sheet has the appearance and feel of genuine wood/leather surfaces and can be backlit and illuminated.

Elematec is not only a trading company offering innovative products; it also has its own advanced development, manufacturing and customization services. At its three manufacturing locations – one in Japan, two in China – the company integrates products from its partners into functional applications for automotive clients around the world.

Booth: 3502

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